16. The Tower

The Tower symbolizes violent upheavals that shake the foundations of one's beliefs and security. It shows Tokyo Tower broken and burning after having been struck by lightning, just as a cataclysm can shatter rigid modes of thought. Traditionally, two figures are depicted falling from the tower's highest room, thrown from their outdated beliefs into freefall, but in this case they are Kamui and Fuuma, circling as they fight for the fate of the world. The entire scene is embraced by two sisters who themselves are head down to show the inversions that have taken place.

The Magami sisters, Tooru and Tokiko, are the ones who initiate the events that will lead to Kamui and Fuuma's face-off on the Day That Will Come. Tooru burns herself as a shadow offering in place of the Earth even as she urges Kamui to go to Tokyo, where his destiny is waiting. Later, Tokiko relates to Kamui the details of his past, and she gives birth to the Holy Sword that Kamui will come to wield. Together, the two shake the peace of Kamui's childhood and force him to come to terms with his destiny.

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