4. The Emperor

>The Emperor is the father figure, the figure of authority, sitting upon a box that symbolizes the world. The rams around the base show vitality and dominance. He holds in his hands a staff, representing masculine energies, as well as a round globe, representing feminine energies. He represents discipline and responsibility, adding rationality to the creativity nurtured by the Empress. He is drawn in profile to show that aspects of his personality are hidden from perception.

Kyougo Monou is the father to Fuuma and Kotori, indeed, the only father figure to play any prominent role in the series. He is also the priest of Togakushi Shrine and the keeper of the Holy Sword. After the death of his wife, Saya, he has handled both the guarding of the Sword and the raising of their children, whom neighbors know to be the most well-behaved and kind people possible.

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