X / 1999 Tarot

X is the series that started it all � my tarot obsession, and the idea that characters and scenes from a series could be matched to the deck. I thought it was a good place for me to start in terms of creating decks because (1) CLAMP did me the huge favor of illustrating the Majors, and (2) any scene I might envision had to have been illustrated because the story is presented in manga form. (This project was started before the TV series, and I'm going to continue pretending like it doesn't exist, even though it has an ending where the manga doesn't.) Basically, it seemed to me the ideal way by which someone who sucks at art might still create a tarot deck that's not all text.

The cards in this deck are all 250 × 400 pixels.  Technically you could print them out and read with them -- when the deck is done, of course.  There are even a couple card back designs for you to choose from.  Just know that I don't intend to print them anytime soon, so you should think twice before you expend the time, effort, and ink.

Major Arcana

On the inside cover of each manga volume, CLAMP included a card from the Major Arcana featuring characters from the series. The symbolism and artwork are simply breathtaking and part of the reason I wanted to complete the deck with Minors. (The characters in parenthesis are predictions of future issues.)

The interpretations primarily relate to the Rider-Waite-Smith meanings, although it is not necessarily a sound assumption that CLAMP, with their delight in the occult, really had such a modern, mainstream deck in mind.

0. The Fool - Monou Saya
1. The Magician - Shirou Kamui
2. The High Priestess - Hinoto
3. The Empress - Kanoe
4. The Emperor - Kyougo Monou
5. The Hierophant - Aoki Seiichirou
6. The Lovers - Kamui & Kotori
7. The Chariot - Arisugawa Sorata
8. Strength - Nekoi Yuzuriha
9. The Hermit - Yatouji Satsuki
10. The Wheel of Fortune - Kuzuki Kakyou
11. Justice - Kasumi Karen
12. The Hanged Man - Sumeragi Subaru
13. Death - Sakurazuka Seishirou
14. Temperance - Kishuu Arashi
15. The Devil - Kigai Yuuto
16. The Tower - Magami Tooru & Tokiko
17. The Star - Shiyuu Kusanagi
18. The Moon - Nataku
19. The Sun
20. Judgment - (Monou Fuuma) 
21. The World

Minor Arcana

The images used in the Minors are scanned from the manga and largely unedited. The cards are colorized based on their suit. The meanings are approximately those of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, culled from various sources and selected based on whichever resounded with me most or seemed to fit best. If you have any ideas for any of the remaining cards, I'd be interested.

  Wands (Fire) Cups (Water) Swords (Air) Disks (Earth)