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Update: 08.24.09

Wow... it's coming up to ten years since the first conception of this deck. There's been a lot of lulls and revisions during those years, as I hit writer's/artist's blocks, got bogged down by schoolwork, wasted time on other distractions, waited for the next installment of Harry Potter for more material... This time, though, the deck is set in stone and I'm thoroughly dedicated to work on the cards as long as I'm able. A combination of inexpertise, procrastination, and perfectionism altogether in me means that it will take a very long time, but my love for this project kept me through it all these years and isn't going away anytime soon.

Being as obsessive-compulsive a person as I am, I've trawled through far too much research material in my endeavor to make this deck as fitting as possible. It was probably inevitable that having done as much research as I have, I'd get sucked into the swirling depths too - I'm no longer the tarot newbie I professed to be when I first wrote this offhand "bio"; in fact I'm a new owner of several tarot decks and look to them for insight and exploration. I can only imagine how this development will evolve in the future - maybe someday I'll get the inspiration to create another deck, hopefully this time one I'd be able to publish :)

A large amount of credit for my inspiration would have to go to the Shadowscapes Tarot by one of my favorite artists, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, for showing me that a dedicated artist can create perfection and see it through, even if it takes years of paint and sweat and tears. The completion of her deck was a great "wake-up call" for me at a time when I had solidly stuck this project on the back burner, thinking I'd never get it done anyway. Of course, this deck (and my interest in tarot) would never have existed if it weren't for J. K. Rowling's wildly imaginative world and characters, and I dream that one day this deck could earn her blessing for official publishing status. Finally, the biggest thanks goes to Elwen for always being willing to listen to me rant on ideas about the deck, helping me polish each and every card to be the best it could be, and of course, keeping this deck on display on her site.

Here's to another 10 years - hopefully I'll be finished by then!


What the HELL made me decide to take on this project?  Darned if I know. ^^;;  But I was definitely influenced by the deck-in-progress at The Pensieve.  When I got Elwen hooked into HP, naturally I wanted to mention this deck to her.  When she found it unsatisfactory, however, I started learning about the cards to find out why.  And of course, I started getting ambitious and you know that's quite dangerous for me... =P

It will most likely take me a good few years to finish this deck, if I don't abandon it halfway through.  As the rest of the Harry Potter books come out, there will undoubtedly be new scenes and plot points that are more appropriate than the current cards (or blanks) I have planned.  In fact, I definitely hope that the future books will help me fill in the difficulies in assigning certain cards! =)

I currently own no tarot decks; in fact I'm not even into tarot.  I'm only a dangerously hard-core Harry Potter fanatic. =P  If I ever finish the deck in the future, though, I promise myself I'll print them out and learn how to do a reading with them.

- Nendil, 10.12.01

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