About the Harry Potter Tarot deck:

The Major Arcana of a tarot deck outlines the Fool's Journey, where the progression through the numbered sequence of cards describes a lifelong learning experience for the naive adventurer. As such, the cards used in this deck are assigned to archetypical figures relating to Harry Potter, the Fool figure, as he grows and matures throughout his story.

The Minor Arcana are a series of smaller, more specific lessons that reflect on the Major Arcana's grander themes. The court cards generally represent personalities, and are thus matched to appropriate characters. The numbered cards typically illustrate a situation, and I've done my best to match them up to an appropriate event or concept from the books.

The quotes from the Harry Potter series are taken from the American versions of the books. The tarot deck is loosely modeled after the Rider-Waite deck in art and symbolism.

I created this deck solely for my own amusement and creative urges. However, if you are intrigued by this deck and want to learn more about tarot, here are the sources I used:

Tarot is a really deep subject, so I highly recommend you seek out multiple learning sources in order to reach a well-rounded understanding that's best suited to your personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I buy a copy of your deck?
I'd love to say yes, but unfortunately, I can't legally publish this deck without seeking permission from the copyright holders of Harry Potter, and I'm not going to try that until I have a much more finished product. And uh... it's going to be a while before that even comes close...

Why did you assign the Houses to the Suits the way you did?
Because it fit so well :) The aspects of the four Houses are quite fitting to the classical elements and archetypes used in tarot. The important people for them match well for the court cards too, in order of significance. Read the descriptions for yourselves and see!

Note: I'm aware that JKR herself associates Ravenclaw with the element of air (Swords) and Slytherin with water (Cups). I would have loved to be able to make that association myself, seeing how Ravenclaw is the school of knowledge and intelligence, while the self-centered ambition of Slytherin could draw it towards the emotional aspect. However, the characters by whom we are introduced to the houses don't tend to uphold that connection. The Ravenclaws we know - Flitwick, Cho, Luna, Padma Patil, Penelope Clearwater, the Grey Lady - all seem more connected with the feminine/emotional side of Cups than the cold, logical Swords. Meanwhile, the Slytherins don't tend to be a loving, sensitive bunch. I must say it was definitely a tough call though. Maybe if some things had been written differently...

There's no question to me about the other two suits, though. Gryffindors (Wands) are definitely firey, bold, and energetic, and Hufflepuffs (Pentacles) are down-to-earth, solid, and hardworking.

I like your deck but the card borders really suck.
I know, I know! My design skills aren't the best, so the current card layouts are kind of weak. Consider them a placeholder, for now - I'm focusing first on getting all the paintings done before delving into the design of the cards themselves.

If you have any other questions or comments, definitely e-mail me. Feedback is welcome too!

FAQ updated: 07.13.11

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