Six of Wands

"Well, I mean, I'd already let in that one of Davies's, so I wasn't feeling that confident, but I dunno, when Bradley came toward me, just out of nowhere, I thought - you can do this! And I had about a second to decide which way to fly, you know, because he looked like he was aiming for the right goal hoop - my right, obviously, his left - but I had a funny feeling that he was feinting, and so I took the chance and flew left - his right, I mean - and - well - you saw what happened." - Ron Weasley

The Six of Wands celebrates the success of a victory, which may result in feelings of pride and confidence, but also arrogance.

There was nothing Ron needed more than self-confidence in order to become a successful Quidditch player. A touch of assurance about his abilities nets him a heroic victory - and some extra popularity among his peers.

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