9. The Hermit

"Trivial hurts, tiny human accidents. These are of no more significance than the scurryings of ants to the wide universe, and are unaffected by planetary movements." - Firenze

"They're deep, mind, centaurs... they know things... jus' don' let on much." - Rubeus Hagrid

Harry Potter Tarot - The Hermit
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The Hermit is a card that suggests withdrawing from the external world in order to focus on introspection. It encourages the wisdom and insight that comes from quiet, solitary reflection.

The centaurs who live deep in the Forbidden Forest are a perfect embodiment of hermetic behavior; they place heavy value on observing and interpreting the stars over interfering with the human world. Firenze in particular is a progressive centaur who best strikes the balance between insight and action as he does not stubbornly follow the centaur policy of non-interference, but seeks to impart his wisdom to others in hopes that it could make a difference in the outcome of the future.

Art notes:
The traditional Hermit carries a lantern to light his way, which is here replaced by the sage and mallowsweet Firenze burns to aid his meditation. The Hermit is guided by a six-pointed star - the Seal of Solomon, a symbol of wisdom - referenced here in Mars shining bright in the sky.

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