7. The Chariot

"I'm just going to give you some good, general advice. And the first bit is - play to your strengths." - "Mad Eye" Moody

Harry Potter Tarot - The Chariot
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The Chariot represents triumphant victory that comes from defeating the opponent. These victories are achieved by discipline and determination. The image of the Chariot is often depicted with two horses, one black and one white, representing two opposite forces to be overcome and controlled side-by-side.

Stealing an egg from a nesting dragon seems an impossibly dangerous task, but there are actually various methods available to the resourceful wizard. With a little reminder help, Harry realizes that his best talent - flying - is a very viable solution to this problem. Years of Quidditch training pays off as Harry's mastery of a broom leads him to one of the best performances in successfully completing the first Triwizard challenge, and demonstrates that he has the potential to be just as capable as the upperclassmen competitors.

Art notes:
Umm... I've got nothing to say about this picture except IT'S AWESOME. :)

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