5. The Hierophant

"Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,
Teach us something please," - Hogwarts alma mater

Harry Potter Tarot - The Hierophant
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The Hierophant represents an institute of education or belief system, such as a school, church, or club. It also reflects the value of learning and organized society.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the top (and only) wizarding school for the British Isles, and thus, the definitive source of education for young wizarding children. Here is gathered some of the most brilliant minds in the wizarding society as staff and faculty, providing an excellent learning environment.

Art notes:
In the Rider-Waite version of this card, two initiates kneel at the feet of the Hierophant, ready to receive his teachings. I've substituted them with Ron and Hermione, who are not only good representatives of Hogwarts students, but also matching for the archetypes hinted in the original card: the priest on the left is dressed in the red roses of passion, and the one on the right in white lilies of intellect.

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