Harry Potter Tarot

Update: Please visit my journal to see my ongoing posts with card thumbnails, sketches, and other thoughts about the deck.  It'll be quite a while before all the final card images are produced, but plenty of work is being done behind the scenes!


I don't know what made me agree to take on this monstrous project.  One obssession leads to another, I suppose. :P The ideas and images for the cards on this page are completely unrelated to any other HP decks out there, though they may sometimes share common elements.  A Illustrated icon next to the link for a card indicates that the card is illustrated, otherwise only the description is up. (I type slightly faster than I draw, see.)  An "(Updated)" means that there's new stuff in the "Bonus Materials" section for that card, but not the final illustration.

All cards are painted in Adobe Photoshop and PaintTool SAI.  Please let me know if you want to use these images elsewhere!  I will almost definitely say yes, but I would like to know where and what they are being used for :)

Feel free to e-mail me if you want to debate or discuss the cards.  You'll have to make a pretty darn good argument though. ;)  Got questions?  Check out the FAQ first.

Major Arcana

0. The Fool - Harry Potter Illustrated
1. The Magician - Albus Dumbledore Illustrated
2. The High Priestess - Lily Potter Illustrated
3. The Empress - Molly Weasley Illustrated
4. The Emperor - James Potter Illustrated
5. The Hierophant - Hogwarts Illustrated
6. The Lovers - Harry and Ginny Illustrated
7. The Chariot - The First Task Illustrated
8. Strength - Expecto Patronum Illustrated
9. The Hermit - Firenze Illustrated
10. Wheel of Fortune - The Sorting Hat Illustrated
11. Justice - Neville Longbottom
12. The Hanged Man - Severus Snape
13. Death - King's Cross
14. Temperance - Remus Lupin
15. The Devil - Tom Marvolo Riddle
16. The Tower - The Lightning-Struck Tower
17. The Star - Fawkes
18. The Moon - The Deathly Hallows
19. The Sun - Luna Lovegood
20. Judgement - The Battle of Hogwarts
21. The World - Nineteen Years Later

Minor Arcana

King [Founders] Godric Gryffindor Rowena Ravenclaw Salazar Slytherin Helga Hufflepuff
Queen [Heads] Minerva McGonagall Filius Flitwick Severus Snape Pomona Sprout
Knight [Seekers] Ginny Weasley Cho Chang Draco Malfoy Cedric Diggory
Page [Mascots] Gryffindor Lion Ravenclaw Eagle Slytherin Snake Hufflepuff Badger
Ace Harry's first wand The Prince's Tale Saving Buckbeak D.A. meetings
Two Felix Felicis Ron & Hermione Ron vs. Hermione Fred and George
Three The Pensieve Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs The Horcrux's deception Brewing Polyjuice
Four Christmas at Hogwarts Harry at fifteen Hospital wing Cornelius Fudge
Five The Triwizard Tournament Beyond the Veil Rita Skeeter Azkaban Prison
Six Weasley is Our King Rubeus Hagrid Escape from Azkaban Dobby and Kreacher
Seven S.P.E.W. The Mirror of Erised Peter Pettygrew O.W.L. results
Eight The Parting of the Ways Leaving Hogwarts Flesh, Blood, and Bone Heaps of schoolwork
Nine Mad-Eye Moody Banquet in the Great Hall The Scar Horace Slughorn
Ten Hermione's Secret The Weasleys Moaning Myrtle Gringotts