Welcome to Archetypical, a site featuring tarot decks conceived by and created by Nendil and Elwen. Currently we have Nendil's Harry Potter Tarot deck and Elwen's X Tarot deck.  Choose one from the left or learn about the site at the bottom.  Enjoy your stay.


11.30.12 - Harry Potter: Sorry for the long hiatus! The Wheel of Fortune is finally done. - Nendil

10.02.11 - Harry Potter: The Hermit is done, not too far behind schedule! - Nendil

08.22.11 - Harry Potter: Strength, a card very dear to my heart, is finished. - Nendil

08.07.11 - Harry Potter: The Lovers and The Chariot are done! - Nendil

07.13.11 - Harry Potter: Sketches up for The Lovers, The Chariot, and Strength.  Also updated the FAQ a little bit. - Nendil

05.15.11 - Harry Potter: What the heck, it's been 4 months?  After a tedious struggle, The Hierophant is finished. - Nendil

01.31.11 - Harry Potter: It took longer than it should have, but The Emperor is done.  I also tweaked the colors to be brighter on the previous cards, though you may or may not be able to tell. - Nendil

12.08.10 - Harry Potter: The Empress is up, as well as the sketch for The Emperor. - Nendil

11.06.10 - Harry Potter: The Magician and The High Priestess are up! - Nendil

10.06.10 - The site has been redone! If I did it right, it should basically look exactly the same, but on the backend it is no longer using 2002-era HTML. (Ugh, that was painful to look at.) While I was at it, I updated my bio and added an X card that is not so much new as so old it was using the card design I later abandoned. But playing with the templates and looking at my old cards makes me want to go reread the manga and find some more correspondences, so maybe you can look for more from me in the near future. If that fails, you can go drool at Nendil's deck, like I do. - Elwen

09.28.10 - Harry Potter: The first card is done... again! The Fool is posted, and there are also preliminary sketches up for The Magician and The High Priestess. - Nendil

06.14.10 - Harry Potter: The thumbnail sketches for all the Major Arcana are done! Now it's time to start working on the actual illustrations! - Nendil